How Maybank2u has served me

Maybank2u or M2U is one of the Malaysia first e-banking. Maybank, the largest locally owned commercial bank, launched its own portal ( when Malaysian was still in the 'sleepy E' mood. The awareness of e-services still low among Malaysian.. But, Maybank has move a step and start building the trust among Malaysian... an now M2U is one of the Malaysian favorite e-banking services.

I’ve started using M2U since year 2005 when I got my first job. It is an easy way to monitor my account and it provides expeditious banking services by allowing me to carry out most of my banking transactions online. I can do almost all my banking online without ever entering a branch. With M2U, I can take control of my account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.., making fast and easy to do my banking when it’s convenient for me. Furthermore I can bank from my cell phone through M2U Mobile banking service.

With a single sign in, M2U allows me to check account balances, statements and transactions. It is really convenient me. Furthermore, I am one of the active person in online business... buying and selling over the Internet. I advertise product in my blog and my customer just make payment to my Maybank account. With M2U, I can now check the payment made before I courier the product. I will ask my customer to insert my email address while do the payment via M2U so that I can get instant notification through my email. It is really convenient. I also received SMS notification for every e-banking transaction performed. All of this features make us more confident with every online transaction. Why I publish my Maybank Account to my online customer and not any other banks account?? Because most of them.. 99% have Maybank account. With M2U, everybody can transfer funds between accounts within a minute and it makes online business more interesting. With no traffic jams and parking woes to worry about, banking online is time-saving and hassle-free.

Besides that, I get all my bills paid off in less then a minute. I also can check summary of accounts transaction online. No need to enter branch to view my history transaction. The best part is there are also contests and promotions to participate in. Last but not least, although most of the banks now provide online banking, my choice is M2U.. it present everything you need in a portal, easy to navigate, user friendly, convenient and it is the Malaysian choice.

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