Adelina's Kindergarten start within another 2 days..

Our first day of Adelina's Kindergarten starts within 2 days!! Rasa cam tak percaya lak anak mama dah nak skul... But on the other side, I see the benefit of Adelina being surrounded by and learning from other children since she is an only child at home.. just with bibik.. kut nnt ckp indon lak anak mama,,. So after considering Adelina's boring live at home.. with ipad all the times.. I've decided to enroll my daughter into Smart Reader Kindergarten.. Is it to early for Adelina?? mmm... i guess NO.. coz Adelina knows ABC.. singing almost all the children songs.. count 1 until 15.. yeahhh.. cuma kengkadang dia ni mcm dlm dunia dia sendiri.. kurang discipline.. kalau org panggil ke.. suh buat aper... buat tak tau jer... kata dia jer yg nak didengar... hope after skul.. adelina will be more discipline and dgr cakap mama... hope Teacher Noni will help it.. insyaAllah..

I'm really excited and a little bit nervous as we embark on this new journey.... Semlm dah shopping stationery for her.. I've selected all the princess-themed stationery.. cam biasa ler.. mama over semacam.. 

Ok.. will blog about Adelina first day at skul on Wednesday, 4th Jan 2012.. yeeaahhhaa..

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