7 months in womb

Sabri and I decided to have a 3D Ultrasound to see our baby for the first time. I thought 7 months was fine to determine the sex of the baby and for the facial features to be distinct.With 3D and 4D Ultrasound imaging, I can see what my baby looks like while they are still growing in the womb.

Some say doing this will take away the excitement of things. It?s better to see the baby and know the sex on the day I give birth. But I think both moments would be utterly exciting! Seeing the baby for the first time on screen like a movie is fantastic. Holding and hearing him for the first time is even more wonderful and awesome for me!

Very excited, I lie on the bed as I waited for my baby?s 3D ultrasound image to flash on the monitor in front of me. It was such a good thing that the baby cooperated. The doctor was able to spot the baby immediately. The first image that flashed confirmed my gut feeling of the baby?s sex. We saw nothing. Not any bonjol-bonjol one. I am definitely going t have a girl!

Then, I saw his face. Lips, eyes, nose all resembled me! She lay peacefully asleep inside my womb. I asked the doctor ?Is everything normal? Are his body parts and all complete??

Oh Yes!? said the doctor .

I can view my unborn child with real-time movement. Doctor said she is a girl. The face looks like me. It?s amazing to see the babies moving and recognize the face and see them such personality, sucking their thumbs and yawing. Thanks to Dr. Fauziah, Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital.

That my little angel is really coming.

We showed the pictures and CD to my mom, mom & father in law, sisters, brothers. They also can see my real baby moving in my womb. They said the baby also resembled me. I personally think he looks a lot more like me. I can?t wait to hold my baby.

Her 3D pic....

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