Little Angel Has Arrived

25th of September 2008, Thursday, 3.03 am, a little angel has arrived. A beautiful baby girl was born to the proud couple of Sabri and Sally at Pusat Perubatan Islam An-Nisa Kota Bharu, Kelantan. Labor began 3 days before delivering this bundle of joy. It was an induce process because the water bag under the level and it was 1 week before the due date. The mom was induced at 3.15 pm on the Monday afternoon and starting having a few contractions. The process continued for 3 days whereas the mom was given medication for 7 times.

Finally, on Wednesday, the mom again was induced and starting having strong contractions at 7.30 pm. At 11.30pm, the mom was wheeled into the delivery room from the antenatal ward. It was a sleepless night for the dad, the grandma (Ma Tok) and the aunty (Umi Da).

The dad and grandma joined the mom in the delivery room to calm and supported the mom through the whole process. The doctors coached the mother through the process. The mom gave it all and pushed with all energy. The dad was getting very emotional and told the mom that he could see hair. He said, ?Sayang, anak kita dah keluar. Abang dah nampak anak kita. Sikit lagi sayang? sikit lagi.?

One final push and it was all over. The baby was finally delivered weighing 3.4 kg. The father whispered Iqama to his new baby girl.

The doctor that coached to the delivery was Dr. Roseliza. Alhamdulillah everything went well. Thanks to all Pusat Perubatan Islam An-Nisa Kota Bharu members.



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