Expecting mother

I am now 6 months pregnant! My tummy is getting bigger and bigger and my collar bone seems to be disappearing. The last time I visited my doctor, my baby was swimming around with his heart working 149 beats per minute! It was such a relief to know she?s developed normally.

This pregnancy has been such a roller coaster ride, sometimes difficult but over all- exciting! Besides nurturing my little miracle inside me, I?ve learned so many things about myself I thought I had all figured out long ago. I hope to write them all down and share it in this blog one of these days. I know these things I?ve will help me become a better mother, wife and a better human being.

Besides healthy food, my hubby and I went to excercise class. Enjoy sgt.. The coach theach me how to push when in labour room, what i suppose to do, wat i suppose to think and she also explain about Sabri part. He must always beside me in labour room.. Haaa...haaa... Remember that hubby...

Look at me... Mum to be.

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