I am double THREE

Double Three??? Not Double Tree hotel tu okay... 33... awwwww.. i turned 33.

It's amazing how fast time flies by and you don't even realize it. In my head I'm still 25 years old then all of a sudden I wake up and I'm 33! Hahhaa.... plz jgn ada yang muntah dgn statement akak ni yer.. Sebab aper akak maintain 25??? Sebab akak berJAMU okayy... Jgn lupa order jamu akak... wahhh.. gitu,, menyempat promote....

Okies.. back to bday story mory.... I always prefer just having quality time with my loved ones, frens and enjoying a good meal and that's it. For this year... I had 2 meaningful mini celebrations.. thanks to special people who surprised me with the ultimate birthday symbol.. a cake from my dear best fren for ever and my dearest hubby n princess! Really love it,... love u guys... muahssss...

Early morning, when i woke up... tadaaa... a MAC paper bag on my dressing table... new make up for me?? From my hubby??? Dia pergi beli make up for me... perrrghhh.... tabik spring... this year really surprise okehh... TQ dear hubby... such a wonderful bday gift... with perfect color eyeshadow, lipstik, blusher, and so on... i love it so much.... 

For the celebration, first was a black forest cake surprise from my bra fren NEENY,during office hour together with another 2 cute sweet and very kind bosses of me... my dear Yusni and Rosli...they were so sweet to make a way to surprise me, with matching Happy Birthday song and cake with PISAU SEMBELIH LEMBU... dine parmigiana chicken at Fresco, Intermark ... it really made my day. Thank you Rosli, Yus and Neeny... 

On the afternoon, I was pleasantly surprised by my dear princess Adelina n my beloved Hubby. Reday waiting for me with my favorite baskin robbin cake.... Thank you dear.... 

Then, my husband asked me to dress up as he was going to treat me with a birthday dinner together with our little princess Adelina n Arissa and also my helpful bibik... Tak leh tinggal ni... steak for bibik too... we went to Victoria Station... as selera arini Western memanjang.... VS Ribs.. superb okay... hubby had sirloin steak.. bibik Chicken Maryland. while Kak Nina n Arissa had Grillen Chicken with basil and wild mushroom soup... burrrppp.... alhamdulillah... its yummy. Share with u guys todays pics...

Thank you to everyone who extended their well wishes and birthday greetings tru Facebook, WhatsApp, SMS, WeeChat, Instagram...!!!! I am humbled and blessed to be the recipient of such wonderful words.... Love u ols till Jannah.

So in honor of this day, I decided to share with you 33 things I’ve learned to accept and embrace that i read from a website:

1. Beauty cannot be defined. Beauty is a reflection of what we deem valuable. For me, it’s an inner radiance and bliss that transcends judgment and fear, or at least makes an effort to.

2. Perfection cannot be obtained (and it’s boring anyways). Trying to be perfect makes us feel inferior and desperate to change; owning our uniqueness makes us feel worthy and excited to evolve.

3. Love will be messy at times. Sometimes love looks nothing like the ideal. Unless you’re in an unhealthy relationship, lean into the messiness. That’s where the intimacy is.

4. Other people will judge. Doing our best and accepting that people will form opinions is far more empowering than stressing about what everyone else thinks.

5. Sometimes there is no right or wrong.  There isn’t always a right decision or answer. It’s just about what feels right to us right now, and whether we have the courage to honor it.

6. No one else knows what’s right for us. Someone else may seem certain they know what we should do. Should can be deceiving; it seduces us with the promise of an ideal destination when what we really need is to choose for ourselves and then pave our path as we go.

7. Tomorrow is uncertain. Despite all our planning, plotting, worrying, or dreading, what will be will be—and no matter how scared we feel right now, we can and will make the most of it.

8. There are things we don’t know. And there are things we don’t know that we don’t know. It might be humbling to revise our understandings of things, but this is how we grow.

9. No other person can make us feel whole. Sometimes we’ll feel a void and turn to other people to fill it. Mutually fulfilling relationships involve two whole people who complement, not complete each other.

10. We can’t change other people. We have to want to change in order to do it. No matter how much we wish someone would act differently, it has to be his or her choice.

11. There are some things we can’t change about ourselves. Change sells, and it’s seductive, but certain things cannot be changed—like parts of our body or nature.

12. Sometimes there are gifts in the things we want to change. For years I cursed my heightened emotions; now I channel them into something positive. Don’t run from yourself; grow into yourself.

13. We are worthy, just as we are. Growth is a lifelong proposition, with no static endpoint. We do it not because we lack value, just as we are, but because we value ourselves.

14. We are going to age. With every year that passes, we have 365 days to enjoy that age—and no one age is better than another. Each is different, with its own challenges and gifts.

15. We are more than any one role. We aren’t one-dimensional, and we don’t have to be. Recognizing this has been huge for me. I am a self-help writer who also likes Judd Apatow movies, karaoke bars, and eBay. I’m multifaceted and owning it!

16. We are going to redefine ourselves. It’s tempting to cling to roles and ideas of who we are, but who we are is always evolving. Life’s far more fulfilling if we see changes as adventures.

17. We will occasionally have to do things we don’t want to do. We won’t always love the things we need to do, for work or the people we care about, but we can find something enjoyable in it, if that’s our intention.

18. We will hurt at times. Pain is inevitable. It’s not a sign that something’s wrong with us or our lives; it’s a sign that we’re human, and we have the courage to care and live fully.

19. We will mess up at times. We will make mistakes—and sometimes the same ones over and over again. This is a big part of how we learn. The important thing is that we do.

20. People won’t always forgive us. We can’t make someone stay in our lives; we can only make amends and then be strong enough to accept the consequences of our actions.

21. Peace is forgiving ourselves. We don’t deserve to cower in shame—and it won’t do us any good. If we want to be happy, we need to cut ourselves some slack and believe we’re doing the best we can.

22. We won’t always like the consequences of our actions. Sometimes we’ll feel regret, wishing we could go back and do things differently. We can’t—but we can make different choices going forward.

23. We always have a choice in how we respond to what happens. No matter what our circumstances, we can choose what we do with them. We can decide it’s the end of the world, or start fresh from right where we stand.

24. We are never alone. It might feel like it, but there is always someone to offer love, kindness, and support. We just need to be willing to reach out and ask for what we need.

25. We will lose things and people we love—but we can gain something from every loss. Everything in life is impermanent—and no amount of time will feel like enough with the people we love. Loss hurts, be we can heal if we believe it’s possible.

26. Everything is cyclical. For every pain, there will be pleasure. Nothing stays the same, so relax through the tough times and fully enjoy the fun times. Everything transforms eventually.

27. There are some things we may never understand. Much of life is a mystery, and it’s human nature to try to solve it. Peace is learning to embrace the open-ended questions.

28. The worst that could possibly happen may happen. Sometimes the thing we fear the most may happen, making us wish we didn’t make a change, or an effort, or a fuss.

29. The worst that could possibly happen might not be that bad. If we’re willing to consider the possibility, we may find opportunity in that “horrible” thing. At the very least, we may recognize we’re okay—still here, still strong, still breathing.

30. We may not get everything we think we want. Despite all our best-laid plans, things won’t always turn out as we hoped they would.

31. As the Rolling Stones sang, we can still get what we need. We may not get the job, the house, the call, or whatever we wanted so badly, and yet find we have everything that matters. Hopefully we can see and celebrate it.

32. We might always want more. It’s human nature to wonder what else there is, at least at times. We can use this to fuel progress instead of cursing our nature and ourselves for not being perfectly spiritual.

33. What we do matters. It might not seem like it when our efforts and outcomes seem small, but we create tiny miracles everyday, both by doing what we do and being who we are. We all make a difference

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