Filzah's Birthday Party

We had a pretty full weekend.. If yesterday we had bowling tournament... today we attended a birthday party.. Adelina likes birthday party... she will get excited everytime i go to buy birthday gift..... eemmmm.... ikut saper ni.. suker berparty.???? babah ler tuuu...

Yesss... It's a party time... Filzah's 8th Birthday Party.. She is the daughter of my good friend Endang kat Subang Pelangi ... Its a Rapunzel 'tangled' theme party so, Adelina attended the party with her hair down.. unfortunately, we missed to take photo with the birthday girl, the mother and the birthday cake coz camera battery run out... huhuu...

So.. lets the picture talk.. :)

Ready for the party

Sand Art

Mama helped Adelina to pull out the sticker

The venue.. Rapunzel theme party


Game aper ni???

Mama & Arissa

Princess Adelina

I win... for the 1st round only.,.. hehehe

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