Adelina Loves Sun Catcher Craft

Adelina loves arts.. like mama.. :) She enjoys doing oil painting, water painting, drawing etc..etc.. Sumtimes.. she just can layanz watching Tv programs about all the creative works or tru youtube.. Hmmm...

Last week dan buat sand art kat Filzah's Bday. Today babah bought her sun catcher photo frame.. suker betul dia... Babah sajer je umpan coz nak outstation kan... huhuhuuu.. 

From above picture, you can see Adelina is doing with full focus okay! Adelina painted all by herself... She painted the sun catchers so well... then asked me to put her painting under the sun... Mama pun heran mana dia tahu that sun catcher tu kena kasi kering n out it under the sun kan... hmm...

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