Getting Adelina to accept her new sister.. Arissa

Fuhhh... now its time to say Alhamdulillah when Adelina can accept her new sister and she seems like love her sister so much.... All children will respond to a new baby in their own way, my case was very very simple and I was so happy for it. Mmg mula2.. Adelina tunjuk rejection sket.. yer laaa... all the attention that she got for the first 4 years of her life, she now has to share with her little sister. She has been doing something yg kenkadang buat kita marah.. in order to get attention... huhhhh...

Aper yg Sally buat??? I would asked Adelina to be a part of the baby and help me with things I need with the baby....sometime just knowing she is still important is a hard thing to telling her but showing her is sometimes easier... I will use this kind of word.. "Kak Nina.. can u help me take Arissa's pampers??? Arissa's Milk?? or anything that she can reach... " With a smile.. she is really helpful and enjoy the moment that she can help me... it will end up with a long kiss for her little sister.. 

Every morning... I will give her opportunity to kiss and big hug baby... and now, she asked me to 'dukung' the baby.. hehe... such a good big sister...  Part paling sedih.. bila nak tidurkan Arissa... I hv to locked the door.. and Adelina keep calling me.. "Mama... please.. please open the door.." Masa tu mmg sebak sgt... tapi.. wat to do.. klu bg dia masuk.. nnt dia bising.. Arissa tak bleh tido.. kesian my doter Adelina... Dia pun tidur ngan bibik jer kat bilik Ma Tok... sedih bila diingatkan...

Then.. to be fair.. bila Arissa tidur.. I will spend a little time alone with Adelina. Spend some time each day with just Adelina, even if it's only a few minutes of drawing or reading story books.... This time makes her feel special and hope it will reminds her that I am still her mom as well as the baby.

Adelina... mama love you.. love you so much.. and Arissa.. you are also light of my life... both of you are my precious pearls..

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