Google Header: i like d most... u ols perasan tak?

Mesti ramai yang tak perasan or buat2 tak tahu pasal header Google hari ni.. Tahu search jer.. tapi tak alert aper perubahan yang Google buat... Sally mmg suka tgk dan peratikan setiap perubahan header pak cik Google.. mesti ada peristiwa special sempena perubahan header Google.

Kali ni, bukan sajer ada cerita di sebalik header Google tapi animation dia mmg best... cubu u ols klik kat header tu... Mula-mula dia tunjuk macam gmbr kat bawah ni.. which is pagi tadi simple jer.. mlm ni jer meriah sket...

Bila u ols click kat header tu.. nnt dia akan expand ke bawah dan ke bawah.. cute sgt... try ler...

Aper cerita di sebalik header Google hari ni.. meh sini Sally share dgn u ols.. ia sempena 107th anniversary of the cartoonist's Little Nemo in Slumberland.. Saper dia tu??? Winsor McCay... the American cartoonist and animator who created the comic strip Little Nemo. Today is the first time, Google is featuring an interactive doodle on its home page.

The animated doodle is called "Little Nemo in Google-land" and shows the story of the comic strip in a series of unfolding panels.

Winsor McCay was born in Michigan in 1869 (according to his tombstone, although the year is subject to debate) and his work is thought to have influenced generations of animators, including future stars of the industry such as Walt Disney.

His animated film Gertie the Dinosaur is considered by historians to be the first to feature a character with a likeable, realistic personality to which viewers could relate.

To make the film, McCay had to draw thousands of frames of Gertie on sheets of rice paper.

Lagi pasal Little Nemo:

Little Nemo was published under the pseudonym "Silas" and is set in the nightly dreams of a small boy named Nemo. The drawings featured in the comic have been described as fantasy art, designed to capture the feel of a dream.

At the beginning of his career, McCay worked as a cartoonist for the Cincinnati Enquirer, a newspaper in Ohio. His first major comic strip, A Tale of the Jungle Imps by Felix Fiddle, was published in 43 instalments in the paper during 1903.

The series focused on individual animals and how they adapted to living in the jungle. How the Elephant Got His Trunk and How the Ostrich Got So Tall both appeared as titles in the paper.

Later the cartoonist created a propaganda film named The Sinking of the Lusitania, which told the story of the attack on the ship. His work contained a message designed to inspire America to join World War I.

McCay died in 1934 after experiencing a brain embolism and he was buried in Brooklyn.

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