I'm nine weeks pregnant

I went for my routine vaginal ultrasound check up today. Doktor Fazilah mmg best... very details.. explained every single things. Blood pressure ok, glucose ok, until this time.. alhamdulillah I didn't really have morning sickness... mmm.. asyik nak makan yang bukan2 jer... mintak beria.. tapi makan sikit jer.. my weight drop 2kg in a month... huhu.. masa exercise dulu.. nak turun 2kg pun susah.. skrg.. bukan main lagi... cuma.. skrg ni.. i feel more emotional and moody... huhuuu... bukan slalu ker emo and moody??? Hahhaa... (Diam ler ko Jah)..

So, share with u guys.. my baby's scan:

The eye holes and heart beating action can be seen. Sally mmg suka setiap kali g checkup, doctor scan... coz bleh tgk keadaan baby kat dalam. hehhee.. my baby inside my womb... can't wait to see u my dear....
I have my next appointment with the doctor in a month.

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