Cup cakes To My Daughter’s Teachers on Teachers’ Day

First of all.. i would like to wish Happy Teachers Day... to all my previous teachers...
Happy teachers day to:
Std 1: c.Rokiah
Std 2: c.Mastura
Std 3: c.Mohammad
Std 4: Cikgu ?
Std 5: C.Ramlah
Std 6: C.Othman
Form 1: C.Ghani
Form 2: C.Abdul
Form 3: Cikgu Nik Norma
Form 4: Teacher Murni
Form 5: C.Salleh
Dan semua cikgu2 lain... Sir Lim, c. fatah, c. Muhammad, sir salim, c. noraini, sir nada, c. Izani, c.Loh, c.Sakinah, ustaz kasim, dll...

All to ols my lecturers... mmm.. Lecturer's Day xder ker?

Mmm... previous year... mmg Sally cam best jer tgk kengkawan beli present utk kids diaorg bawak bg kat teacher2 kat sekolah kan... so, tahun ni.. Sally cam over excited sket.. Hadiah batik for Teacher Murni and the pricipal Theacher Hana.. and i baked cupcakes for the teacher and children... over plak mama... Mama gak buat lebih untuk bawak kat kawan2 mama kat opis.... hehehee.

So.. on this teacher's day.... meh sini nak say sumthing ler kan... for me a strong parent-teacher relationship, I have realized is the one that can benefit the child most. Teachers need to see the parents and parents need to meet the teachers with an open mind. As all teachers may not be receptive in a similar manner, parents also come with all sorts of attitudes. It’s my belief that an open channel of communication between parents and teachers can do a world of good to the child. Teacher kena senyum lebih sket... overall.. teacher Hana is gud.. but maybe other teachers nak kena hntr training lebih sket... opss... 1st.. training senyum, 2nd.. how u treat client.. aka parents in this case.. 3rd.. Quality control.. dats all.. Good Luck to teacher Hana.

As we celebrate Teacher’s Day 2012 today, I want to tell all those lovely teachers who have looked after my child as a mother, thank you for everything. As a parent, I am grateful to you, forever.

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