Adelina's Sport Day

Adelina’s first sports day. They called Smart Reader Kids Mini Olympathon Day... watever... The weather, so hot. The kids, so restless. The day, so tiring. But my daughter had lots of fun. We arrived at the place early, about 8am. Then we registered her and head straight to her school’s canopy. She then lined up with her friends. Mmm... at first.. Sally like.. mmm.. Adelina ni okay ke tak? rghupa-rghupa nyer... anak mama ni such a gooooodd girl.. dgr kata teacher.. the funny part is when she cover both ears bila kawan kat depan dia nangis... lawaks betul.. then.. best part bila dia march march in line with her frens... so cute..

Adelina played a game... which is aku rasa cam alahai... berpanas lama2 1 game jer... carry a ball with that gelung holla hup tu.. aper ke benda nama dia... pandai anak mama... Mmm.. this si the first time Smart reader buat sports day combined all smart readers in KL & Selangor.. Buat kat padang UM... panas giler.. ramai giler manusia... overall... Adelina happy.. But me, hubby and bibik...– dead tired. So.. enjoy video babah create untuk Adelina's sport day... Babah... ada spelling error... huhuuu..

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