Wisdom Tooth..

I currently have a wisdom tooth coming in from my upper left jaw. It hurts enough that it kept waking me up through the night. Today is my 5th days facing with all the denyutan and lately I started having pain at the back of my ears as well .. + headache.. Wait for bengkak go away before i can proceed to take it out.. my tooth is pushing through my gum and i think  i don't have enough space for my wisdom tooth and it is like pushing against the other teeth. Wisdom tooth at my age?? Cam kelakar kan... Actually, i had my wisdom tooth bottom left taken out last 4 years. And i think for my right side, both of them did not give any problem to me maybe i have enough space on the right side. Cam fobia nak take out the wisdom tooth coz previous one, I can't eat for a week and i had really bad infection.. sampai biru pipi.. bleeding je 3 days.. huhuhuuuu.. scary.. mayb dulu cabut kat govmnt hospital (Hospital Ampang). Doktor ckp, Sally gaks yg degil nak cabut masa gigi tgh sakit.. Mayb ler... So, for now, Sally tgu bengkak surut dulu... dah tak tertahan sakit ni... Pegi opis pun control.. buat x tau.. x layan jer.. klu dilayan sakit gigi ni.. makin sakit dibuatnya... so, tadi Sally scheduled an appointment to have my wisdom tooth remove tomorrow. Siap survey clinic lagi.. For this time.. Sally lebih berhati2.. kut kejadian cam dulu berulang lagi... So, kita tgu ler kesudahan nyer mcm mana... Hope private clinic lagi bagus ler... huhuhuuuu

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