Hubby's Birthday 2011 Part 2

Last nite we celebrated his bday at Tony Roma's Jalan Yap Kwan Seng. Booked 5 days ago. It is difficult to ring the branch until I got the Supervisor, Nurul hphone number from Pavillion Branch. Phone diaorg rosak ke aper.. aku pun tak tau... in case u ols nak booking kat sana contact jer Nurul 017-2718806.. cewah.. promote Tony Roma's pulaks... Bukan aper.. for those ribs lover.. like us.....  yummy... sharing is caring..

Hubby have only been to Tony Roma's once for the ribs coz we prefer Chilis before we met the Roma's rib.. hehehee... and today I decided to go for the ala carte items at Tony Roma's. Then, when we want to order, the waiter suggested us the biggest whole ribs.. 4 plates of ribs with 10 blocks each.. Kickin’ Shrimp – tender fresh shrimps are fried to crispy golden brown and tossed in a creamy and slightly spicy sauce, then stacked nicely on a bed of green salad. I read from a blog mentioning that this dish actually used 32 shrimps to prepare! I didn’t count though, lol.... the shrimps was so so so fresh.., menu lain lagi... Steak & Wild Mushroom Flatbread - hohohooo.. x yah order ler.. x best langsung.. nak kata tekak aku yg tak leh masuk.. majority mlm tu kata x best.. then, Mushroom goreng.. ntah apa nama dia.. yg ni best.. (masa makan tu ingat gak kat Kak Arida.. coz dia suka gaks mushroom ni...) pastu we ordered Salamon, for kids meal, we ordered pizza, spaghetti, roma's burger, mojo chicken... mmm.. burppp.. dessert... vanilla ice cream sitting on a Molten chocolate cake and hot fudge served in a Margarita glass... uummm... abiss diet...

Abis jer makan2.. yummy....yummy... waiter bawak cake... my homemade birthday cake.. pool balls birthday cake special for hubby.. Petang nyer buat.. 4 jam nyah.. nak siapkan... berketul betis mak ni... tapi.. untuk hubby.. aper saja laaa..... after blow d candles, present time... bukak... bukak... bukak....

Hubby, dgn slamber face nyer.. bukak bday present.. flash back 2 weeks before. I asked him wat he wants for his bday's present??... he said.."anything sayang..." i said," i hv no money... pokai.. kasut crocs boleh??" coz his favourite kasut crocs dah haus... he said,"ok".. and.. for sure.. in his mind.. kasut crocs ler ni... lepas bukak jer wrapping paper dengan rakusnya... dia tgk kotak kasut Valentino Rudy... mmm... muka pelik plak.. bukak lagi... dalam kotak ada kotak... and.. jeng..jeng..jeng... it is android... Samsung Galaxy Tab... special for my hubby on his bday...


Hubby really xcited.. a big kiss for me.. i am happy for you.. Happy birthday hubby.. love you more ... more and more.... Share some photos wif u guys..

d pool balls bday cake

happy bday hubby - waiter bawak cake

3 of us with 2 extras

bukak present

muka cam x puas hati jer... mmm..

happy face... it's android

kiss for sayang

Happy 33rd Birthday Hubby...

Bday card for hubby..

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