Happy Birthday Hubby 2011

It is Hubby's big day today. As usual, I was cracking my head for the past few days thinking of what is d present to give him and where to go for dinner cum family gathering. Luckily, I have sister in law and monther in law that can share ideas... we decide to go to Tony Roma's. So... hari ni.. I just wished my hubby... tunjuk gambar present jer... blum bleh bukak lagi... bukak esok... coz we will celebrate esok... tgu my mum & sist come from Kelantan... :)

What is the present??? Tungguuu... will update blog later... an dwill update the photo too... *wink... *wink... I plan to make bday cupcake for him too... :)

Hubby.... Happy Birthday  dear.... you are still the man of my dreams.

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