Adelina B'day

My sweet little angel is now one year old. Her achievements this year includes:
Lie on her tummy at 5 months
First tooth at 8 months
Able to sit at 9 months

I love to see her improvement... but Adelina quite late to walk.. We are still waitign for that moment.. Come on sayang...

On her birthday, all of us at Kelantan celebrate Aidil Adha. We celebrate Adelina's Birthday in Kelantan on 25th September 2010 because its coincided with Raya. We arrange another party for her in KL after returning from Kelantan. Thanks Long, the cake and dinner you sponsored was nice... Terima kasih daun keladi.. Here.. the pic.. lupa plak nama hotel tu aper...

After returning from Kelantan, we had a party on 3rd October 2009 to celebrate her birthday at my mother in law house... together with KL family and our friends. We had a nice cake for her.. I found the design from Internet. We invite clown and magician... we also have face painting session and prepared 100 party packs for children.. We booked catering and we add additional menu for our guest.

The main dish however was Bihun, Ayam berempah, Mee Curry, Nasi Kerabu.. all kind of meat ball, fish ball, crab ball and other ball.. fries.. we also have Chocolate fountain combination with strawberry, marshmellow, apple, banana...mmm.. yummy.... Adelina was happy the whole day... She got so many present.. like we no need to buy her toys for a year.

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