My Wedding Day - Part 1

It has almost been 3 weeks since I got married... 1st June 2006..
Alhamdulillah, my wedding day went on smoothly without any major hiccups and I was fortunate to have a big group of family who were willing to help out all the way from the days of preparation till the end of the wedding event.

Basically, my wedding occasion consists of two days.. Hari Nikah and Hari Persandingan.. Actually we didn’t realize it when we picked a date to be married, 1st June 2006 (01.06.2006).. actually we want it to be 02.06.2006... but it is just nicely display on invitation card for our reception day.. Akad nikah malam sebelum reception.. which is 1.6.2006... heheheee....

So.. guys.. layan gambar jer ler erk... Malam Nikah:


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