We are engaged!!

My weekend recap can be summed up in three words: We are engaged!!
Oh what a journey it has been...  Sabri and I are thrilled to announce our engagement which happened last week... 7th January 2006... Ngeeeee :)

My right hand feels really weird and I can’t STOP LOOKING AT MY RING! Kekkee.. Ring yg Sally pilih sendiri... :) I feel very lucky and truly blessed to have found Sabri... Love this guy, can not wait to begin our new life together!

After almost six years, gaduh... baik... gaduh.. baik... merajuk session.. pujuk memujuk... and lots of laughter I am finally engaged to my 'Abang Angkat' and the love of my life! We are both so excited to FINALLY take this next step together and can’t wait to share our special day with all of our family and friends...

We are getting married in June... share with u guys our engagement photos..


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