ELISS start to shine..i love you ols

Mixed feelings fill my heart today, all are dancing to the beat of this great passion. Little by little and from the hand of a melancholy melody images of every moment shared with FB memories appear, images that will remain forever in the memories book of my soul.
My life changed completely in the last one year. Yes.. only 1 year... and now I am shacking while typing word by word.. happy.. nervous.. excited, sad... all of them mix together... and I'll never be the same. Dreams that only knew the stars came true, and not only that, I got much more than what I asked for. I was surprised by things I never thought that could happen to me. To say 'thanks' would be the right word, but does not reflect the intensity of what I'm feeling right now. I think there are no words that can compare to this feeling. "Ya Syukur" "Ya Syukur" "Ya Syukur".
I feel very lucky, and I see so many people like me, so many fulfilled dreams, so many smiles, so many tears of joy and happiness, it makes me feel proud when i look around me.. and i see all of my frens, family, my bff.. still there for me...jutaan doa utk anda... and tq so much... for everything... for the memories.. for the pengalaman jatuh bangun.. pahit manis... which is all of them taught me a lot about looking beyond my own understanding..
Only one stage has concluded, for those who have reached their goals it will be a break full of memories, for those who still have not reached them, this is an opportunity to keep dreaming, because, believe me, anything is possible when you love with your heart, when you live with hope and when you have enough faith to believe in yourself.
Ratu Air Mata,
Pn Sally.
ELISS Founder...

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