ELISS REVIEW : My Beauty Secret

Review from our customer. 
Now, she is one of the Eliss's Agents. 
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But those years came and went with no change. Then, I had hoped by the time I started work I would definitely be better, but yep, you guessed it, four years later, it was only worse!

I started to wearing a make up - a base foundation to cover it up. I hate using foundation. It's suffocating. But what can I do, it looked gross.. I have tried nearly every possible remedy and treatment, I even, hate to say it, tried prescription treatments. But nothing seemed to work. It didn't seem fair because for some people, they improved with age. But for me, that isn't the case, even after I giving birth! Everyday is a battle between what irritates more; the huge itchy lumps along my jawbone, the spots on my cheekbones or the really painful ones around my nose or in my eyebrows!

And one day, I came across this blog while searching for acne treatment for Rahim, (not for me coz I gave up already). And after few days of reading the testimonials, I've bought the product. Online, for the first time in my life (I didn't really trust online shopping). Unfortunately, Rahim didn't like it. It's troublesome for him, that he need to apply day and night.

So I used it for the sake of I didn't want it to be wasted. I used a bit on my face. I woke up the next morning and the lumps on my jawline were almost invisible and a quarter of the size... I put some more on.. The next day, I just had a slight bump and light red marks .. The third day, I just had the marks.. And today... Clear! Guess what, after trying everything, I found the product for acne that really work for me. Seriously! Wish I tried it sooner. I didn't use make up base foundation anymore or even a make up powder. It also works to whiten the skin from inside so can kiss a goodbye to all the make up foundation or two ways make up powder out there 

Just wanted to share the secret, hope it can help those who struggle with the same problem.

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