Adelina 5th Birthday - Cinderella Theme Party - Part 2

This lovely CINDERELLA PRINCESS PARTY is for my dear Princess Adelina Khayra.. On 28th September 2013, we celebrated Adelina's 5th birthday party. 3 days after the bday date itself.. Coz nak hari cuti.. Sabtu kan.... For d party preparation.. u ols leh baca kat sini..

Mama lupa nak citer pasal costume... benda yang mama dapat last minute adalah Cinderella Costume.. mama nyaris nak beli gown biru jer kat Party Princess.. but finally.. mama managed to get the costume from Party Costume The Weld... Tu pun bleh sewa jer.. tidak dijual.. huhuu... Takperla.. janji dapat..  So this year I challenged myself to make Adelina's party as wonderful as I can.. seems like family from Kelantan pun datang jugak...

I'm really happy with how the party all turned out.  And most importantly my sweet girl loved it all. I think the photos down here will covers most of the details of the day.... Happy Mom...

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