Arissa - three month old's development

My little sweetie... pumpkin... Arissa is 3 months and 1 week old and I have noticed so many changes.. Yeahh... my baby.. Arissa is getting stronger now.. As her head and neck muscles become stronger, she now learn to roll over...She able to roll from her back to her side... tadi dah berjaya roll over.. tapi sekejap je.. dah penat.. and I need to turn her back to the normal position. Her weight: 5.1kg. hmm... tak ler berat sgt... muka jer nmpk bulat... ikut mama.. :)

Achievement lain, she can also bring both hands together, open her fists, and play with her fingers. sumtimes.. cam org duk kira2 duit gitu... kikikii... Tahun naga katanya... Mesti kaki bisnes anak mama ni... hihihi... bagus.. manyak untung maaa....

Lagi..., Arissa will turn her head and smile at the sound of my voice.. seems like she can recognize me... and she loves listening to all kinds of music... Arissa started laughing at about two months plus... tadi gelak sakan bila Kak Nina duk dancing depan dia... hihi...

At playtime, Arissa's hands and fingers are still her favorite toys, but now she might be able to do more with them.... Bila letak kat floor gym (present from aunty Maya) she will try to reaches toys and hold a rattle for a while... congrats Arissa.. here the pic:

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