Adelina School's Trip to KLCC Petrosains And Playground

Today, my dear daughter Adelina went to KLCC Petrosains for her 2nd time school trip. I dread the thought of leaving my daughter to explore the big wide world on her own, even on school trips. On her first trip in pre-school at 4 years old, she went to High-5 Factory, then for this year KLCC Petrosains, each venue providing fun and education in equal measure.

Perhaps the biggest worry I had about letting her go on a trip without me was about her safety. Although they traveled in coaches, I worried about a crash, and began to think about what else could go wrong... huhu... saper tak sayang anak kan??? Furthermore.. Adelina like baby-baby and i almost dun trust she can do even drink by herself... 

My heart is with my children wherever they go, but for their safety, I pray to God in the hope that he will protect my kids from all the dangers they could face when they’re away from me. I also reassure myself that, when she goes on a school trip, she’s having fun and the school are doing their best to keep both my daughter and all her friends safe. Hmm.. tgk gmbr2 tu.. seems like.. everything OK and she's having fun with her friends.. Dah besar rupanya anak mama... Thanks to all teachers at Smart Reader Kids, Ampang Point especially Teacher Rajee n Teacher Hana. :)

Layan gambar Kak Nina.. (Credit photo to Smart Reader Kids Ampang Point FB)

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