Adelina's 4th Bday Party - 1st Batch

A special little lady in my life turns 4 years old today.... Yeaaaa.. Adelina Khayra dah 4 years old... 

Adelina Khayra...
I want to tell u so many things... How proud I am of u. How special u are. I see a little more of me in you with each passing year. Thanks for bringing so much joy into our lives each and every single day.... Mama and babah love you more and more...

Usually we ols akan plan awal untuk buat bday party untuk our princess... dan ianya adalah bday party yang memang meriah.. dihadiri oleh kengkawan mama and babah with their kids... Since Mr Hubby outstation.. x leh nak celebrate together.. so, Sally just plan small party for her.. Wpun bday dia hari ni.. tapi we ols dah celebrate in advance last Sunday... together with Atok, Tok ma, aunties, uncle and all cousins.. lg meriah if Aunty Aida and family can joined us last Sunday... :)

Wpun small party... mama will make sure anak mama enjoy d party and hv fun with all cousins... Thanks for coming and thanks for the lovely presents.. It is a splash party. Mama bought a plastic pool.. last minutes Sunday morning... and some balls as a birthday gift for her. So.. bleh ler Nina mandi manda wpun umah we ols dah xder swimming pool (teringat lak apartment kat gombak dulu... huhuhuuuu).. 

So, aper food mama prepared for the guest?? Alaa... lupa nak snap photo.. Mmm.. mama buat kue teow ladna, marshmallow, puding roti (ni coz mama mimpi malam tu nak makan puding roti.. hehehe), donut, wedges... Simple jer.. coz its tea time.. Happy sgt everybody like the dishes..

Share with u guys... Our photo and video

Layan video jap:

Bday Adelina tak abis kat situ jer tau... We will have another batch this weekend. Mama planned with kawan2 mama untuk adakan another bday party for you sweetheart... it is gonna be fun and happening dear... I want you to  have a great time.. 

So.. guys... tunggu update Sally untuk Bday Adelina for the 2nd batch... :)

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