Our 6th Anniversary : Sally & Sabri

I just want to give you a little update of how good I am feeling and what a wonderful day this is for me. Thanks again to all my frens for all your kind wishes...

My love and I have been together six (6) years today. It hasn't been perfect but it's been as near to perfect as most people can ever hope to experience. Every year is sweeter than the year before. We started dating when about 6 years ago, and been married for 6 years.. so.. in total its 12 years knowing each other.. Wow, I can’t believe how time flies. Semoga Allah memberikan kebarkahan dalam perhubungan kami.. Amin. I've truly been blessed to be connected to. He is my soul mate in every way.
Sometimes it feels like just yesterday when we got married.  I am so thankful that Allah has brought us together.  He has blessed us over these last 6 years.  We have had gains and losses and have definitely experienced “For better and for worse”, but we are stronger each passing year.

Mmmm.. as usual.. cuti for anniversary.. yeahhh.. dating berdua.. Nina with bibik at home.. mama & babah went for movie session as part of the celebration. GSC cinema, Pavillion.. Men In Black .. yeahhh...

After movie session.. as usual.. my hubby asked me to choose my own present.. huhu.. slalu cenggitu tau... sedih makkk.. mmg ler best pilih present sendiri.. but no surprise element langsung. What to do... huhuuu.. so.. abis pusing2 Pavillion.. takder satu pun yang tersangkut di hati.. alang2 dah pilihkan.. i need sumthing that i really need it and want to use it at this time.. mmm... ting... idea..idea... maybe need comfortable pair of shoes during pregnancy time.. yeah... 

Abis round pavi.. we still hv time coz i booked Tanzini for our dinner at 8.30pm.. so.. aper lagi.. we went to KLCC.. find a perfect shoes for me.. Akhirnya... yeaahhh.. hahhaa... saper suruh tak ready awal2 kan.. so, kena ler cari sampai jumpa... kikikiiiikkiii...

8.45pm, we arrived at Tanzini G Tower... at 28th Floor.. After surveying all nice fine dining places through online and blogs, we decided to try out Tanzini at G Tower along Jalan Tun Razak, KL. This was our first time at Tanzini - and we'll definitely be back! The place is not too big but it wasn't crowded at all. The place look much better from pictures honestly. The food are basically mmg best... (honestly.. the steak even better than Victoria station)...worth spending for our anniversary. (thanks Mr Hubby for d dinner).. I know I am good in planning and finding the best place for dinner and you are the best in settled the bills... hahahaa...

Doa Suhaili Mohd Zain pada hari ulang tahun perkahwinan ini...

Ya Allah,
Andai Kau berkenan, limpahkanlah rasa cinta kepada kami,
Yang Kau jadikan pengikat rindu Rasulullah dan Khadijah Al Qubro
Yang Kau jadikan mata air kasih sayang
Ali bin Abi Thalib dan Fatimah Az Zahra
Yang Kau jadikan penghias keluarga Nabi-Mu yang suci.
Ya Allah,
Andai semua itu tak layak bagi kami,
Maka cukupkanlah permohonan kami dengan redha-Mu
Jadikanlah kami Suami & Isteri yang saling mencintai di kala dekat,
Saling menjaga kehormatan dikala jauh,
Saling menghibur dikala duka,
Saling mengingatkan dikala bahagia,
Saling mendoakan dalam kebaikan dan ketaqwaan,
Serta saling menyempurnakan dalam peribadatan.
Ya Allah,
Sempurnakanlah kebahagiaan kami
Dengan menjadikan perkahwinan kami ini sebagai ibadah kepada-Mu
Dan bukti ketaatan kami kepada sunnah Rasul-Mu.

Ya Allah…
Indahkanlah rumah kami dengan kalimat-kalimat-Mu yang suci. Suburkanlah kami dengan keturunan yang membesarkan asma-Mu. Penuhi kami dengan amal soleh yang Engkau redhai. Jadikan mereka Yaa…Allah teladan yang baik bagi manusia.

Ya Allah…
Damaikanlah pertengkaran di antara kami, pertautkan hati kami, dan tunjukkan kepada kami jalan-jalan keselamatan. Selamatkan kami dari kegelapan kepada cahaya. Jauhkan kami dari kejelekan yang tampak dan tersembunyi.

Ya Allah…
Berkatilah pendengaran kami, penglihatan kami, hati kami, suami/isteri kami, keturunan kami dan ampunilah kami. Jadikanlah kami termasuk golongan orang-orang mukmin.

Sesungguhnya Engkau Maha Pengampun lagi Maha Penyayang.

Share with u guys.. our perfect & sweet moments...


Share with u guys my review about Tanzini... 

That 3 tier Tanzini Antipasti Tower (RM 50) serve 2 – 3 pax (refer gmbr kat atas)...
With a little taste of everything, our antipasti choice was obvious. It was presented in a spectacular three tiered platter featuring the freshest antipasti delights.
>>>> yang ni x yah order pun tak per.. ciput sgt.. harga mahal gilos..

Tanzini Tiger Prawn Vongole (RM 38), grilled tiger prawn & clams with “Tau Miu‟ sprouts served aglio olio. The tiger prawn and clams were fresh and juicy.. Pilihan Mr hubby. Highly Recommended.

Agnello Milanese (RM 46), cutlets of Australian lamb grilled served with olives, eggplant & sun baked tomatoes. The grilled lamb cutlets were done just right, without requiring much chewing action. The texture is very nice and grilled to perfection. Pilihan Sally.. mmg terbaekk... i like it.. tapi gravy dia sikit sgt. 

After a fulfilling main course, we ordered dessert.. mmm.. si Mahadir tu tak abis2 recommend sorbet... sorbet... it is Homemade Sorbetto @ RM10/scoop. Among other flavors available are bluberry, calamansi, coconut, kiwi, lemon and rasberry.  so, we tried one flavor.. rasberry.. mmg yummy... cheap and really nice.. fresh.. and... i like it so much...

and not forget to mention about the Mineral Water... yg kononya fresh from italy... it cost us RM18 per bottle..

Rating for this restaurant:-
Cleanliness - 5 Stars
Service -
5 Stars (good service as they give you sufficient time to analyze the menu and recommend you what's best to try... our waiter.. Mr Mahadir.. mamat indon tapi ckp slang Italiano you..)
Environment - 4 stars (quite a good place to impress your date partner)
Food - 4 stars (perhaps these type of food match others more)
Price - 4 stars ( really worth it)

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