My 30th Birthday..

The day is finally here. Today is my 30th birthday y'all!!   Yes, I have hit the big THREE ZERO! It happened on the 7th of August 2011.. How I got to be this old, I have no clue. It feels like yesterday I was graduating high school, making my way to UiTM, married, arrival of my little angel... Even though I may live the "adult life" now, I still feel so young at heart... yeehaaa...

I usually don’t really make a big deal out of birthday’s but for some reason, turning a decade older has really made me think about whether I achieved my target, happiness, and i start counting the dream that i want to achieve.. and my achievement so far...

For some reason.. deeply inside me.. thank you Allah coz give me Lovely Hubby, Princess Adelina, lovely family and lovely frens like u olsss... Today, i received more than 200 bday wishes through FB.. now I know.. I hv true and lovely frens around me.... love u guys... :) Thanks everybody for the wishes... Really..really... appreciate it..
Celebrate birthday in Ramadhan?? Huhuuu.. This is the first time i think.. But of coz.. having Mr Ahmad Sabri as my hubby... dia tidak sekali-kali membiarkan my bday berlalu begitu sahaja...hehheee...

He suggested several places to choose.. Then, finally i have chosen Sri Ayuthayya..

As usual, even though my birthday... I am the one yg kena kol dan booking tmpt tu.. huhuuu... But.. I am having the best birthday party, ever! Thank you hubby for the party aka IFTAR with family.. Birthday di bulan puasa... so.. i take this opportunity to wearing baju kurung.. sedondon dgn my princess.. bila lagi birthday nak pakai baju kurung.. hehheee... here we are:

I really like the makan-makan time.. nicely decorated.. exclusive.. and everybody here.. hubby, doter, my mum in law, my father in law, my in laws, and.. at that time i really miss my mum, my sist and my bro... Apakan daya.. duk jauh.. dan rasa bertuah dlm diri sebenarnya coz even though my family jauh kat Kelantan.. i still have a lovely family here... my in laws... love you all....
The table.. reserved for us..
 Mr Hubby, Adelina & Me..

all of us... thanks guys for coming

my birthday cake.... sponsored by Mr Khalid.. thanks bro
OMG... ke-30... Fullname lagi tu..

Kata Khalid... ikut nama kat FB.. hahahaaa

Anak mama pun excited nak potong cake gak.. :)

Hubby, Mum in law, Me, Abby & Kris
 All of us.. love u guys...
Kiss for u hubby... thanks for d bday party..

Present from father in law.. bleh guna kat umah baru nnt :)

Thanks Aboh.. i really like it..
Aboh tahu jer menantu dia suka masak.. bg hadiah dapur lagi...

A set of MAC for me from hubby...

As usual.. Sally pilih sendiri ler.. heheheee..
Tak surprise langsung...
Aper2 pun.. thanks hubby..

Bday Gift from Sri Ayutthaya...

Aroma therapy candle
    My gift from hubby

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