Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick rules

I loved the first, and I knew I had to get the second, so I did, and it was definitely worth the money! Citer yang simple dan mmg bleh layan ler... Lepas siri satu hari tu, Sally telah dapatkan lagi satu siri dari Kinokuniya KLCC..
But.. this book dah lebih sebulan dgn Sally...  Tp x abis2 gak baca... Ari ni baru ler bleh habiskan siri 2 Diary of a Wimpy Kid - Rodrick Rules... For me, Jeff Kinney memang mempunyai imaginasi yang tinggi dan alangkah best nyer kalau Sally pun dapat tulis cam dia.. huhuuu... “Rodrick Rules” will not disappoint fans of “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”. In fact, it will probably bring a lot more readers on board. They’ll be curious about why you’re laughing so much.

In this series, the cover itself which is Rodrick pushing Greg dah membygkan si Rodrick tu akan membuli Greg dalam setiap episod citer dalam siri ni.. I would say more, but I don’t want to give anything away. This is a story that people want to read and love. U ols pergi ler baca.. best.. Sally leh ler share sket sinopsis or plot citer kat sini:
  • Greg Heffley is entering seventh grade. 
  • His mother introduce "Mom Bucks" program. Mom Bucks is a system in which they earn play money by doing extra chores and they can cash it in for real money, each worth one cent (to Greg's dismay), or getting out of doing chores. The program runs into problems when Rodrick takes all of Greg's Mom Bucks to get his poorly written history paper to turn in after the power went out and Greg doesn't know anything about one-hundred years ago.
  • Greg also tries every attempt to impress his crush on Holly Hills, but sees no change in Holly.
  • Rodrick and Greg have problems throughout the book, including Rodrick and his band, "Löded Diper" throwing a wild party while their parents are away.
  • Greg is forced to use whatever means he can to cover this up to avoid getting in trouble, and fails as one of Rodrick's friends take several photos of the party.
  • Greg has a big secret he refuses to tell until the last moment of the book.
  • The story goes that Greg is at Leisure Towers, his grandpa's senior citizen apartment complex. He's writing in the previous journal and Rodrick grabs it. As Rodrick is running from Greg, he trips on Gutbusters, a board game his grandpa enjoys. Greg flees from the apartment to the bathrooms in the lobby. Grandpa watches the lobby security monitor, he can see everything. Greg enters the ladies room and believes that the ladies made a mistake but he soon realizes he has made a mistake and has a janitor take him out. Rodrick gets angry at Greg and spills his secret. A few days after, Greg and Rodrick became good friends.
  • So there is the origin of the title, "Rodrick Rules
u want more??? baca ler.. hehheee..
Here, i attach Greg photo:

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