Happy Anniversary Sally & Sabri

1 June 2010... Today is our 4th anniversary!!

11:30am...I can't wait to know what plan my hubby arrange for us. I'm really glad that we've been this far and I'm looking forward to create more sweet and hepy memories together..

4:30pm... my hubby called me.. As usual... my hubby and his plan.. avoid jammed.. KLCC is the right place.

5:45pm... we met in front Vincci.. (land mark for our dating since 6 years ago..)

Dah sampai KLCC.. Sally tanya kat mana nak makan?? He just said..."mmmm"".. i know.. he never have a gud plan for dinner... mayb.. tiba2 dpt ilham.. we all ke San Francisco Steakhouse.. Makan-makan.. sembang-sembang... Dah lama tak sembang.... Anniversary present??? NO.. coz dah habis ribu riban kat beijing.. but.. for all..a set of jade is worth as my anniversary present.. :)

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